macOS Monterey is Now Available [Updated]

macOS Monterey Shortcuts

Apple released macOS Monterey on Monday. It is the successor to Big Sur, and officially macOS 12.0.1.

macOS Monterey Upgrade Screen

macOS Monterey Available to Install

To install macOS Monterey:

  • Open System Preferences
  • Click on Software Update
  • Tap Upgrade Now
  • Follow on-screen installation instructions

New features include Shortcuts (pictured above), Focus, Live text. There is also:

  • AirPlay to Mac – allows users can play, present, and share from their iPhone or iPad right to their Mac,
  • SharePlay – lets users remotely watch content together, including Fitness+
  • Updates to FaceTime and iMessage

One exciting forthcoming item, Universal Control, is expected later this fall, MacRumors reported. Furthermore, some key functionality will only Work M1 on Macs.

[Updated to reflect information in upgrade window pictured above.]

2 thoughts on “macOS Monterey is Now Available [Updated]

  • Where is the dynamic Monterey photo for the desktop? It may seem meaningless, but I was really disappointed not to have a new, dynamic photo. The dynamic graphics are not for me.

    1. Yeah, I miss that too. I absolutely hate the abstract color backgrounds in Big Sur and Monterey. At least in Big Sur there was a great replacement that I could switch to.

      Why name the OS after a California landmark and not actually use that landmark in the branding?

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